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I was classified as a Mastermind. While this is true; I must say that I am completely disgusted by the Half-Life-series of games. They are quite frankly outrageously boring!

I was also classified as a Mastermind-seeker, and I have to point out that I really like Grim Fandango as well as other adventure games. Maybe, most of the seekers also rank high on the mastermind curve...

>list of games popular with seekers
>no Myst games listed

I am a Seeking Mastermind of Socialising Achiever. Becasue i Love to play command and conquer for the community socialising side and the conquering side... DUH. I Love to Achieve in WoW. I Love playing TF2 and Half Life along with Fallout 3. And i Reckon Ratchet and clank is a seeker :D

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