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I listed Monster Hunter for it's difficulty in beating the monsters, not for it's gathering aspect. While it's a nice feeling that everything I own, I had to get myself, I like the part where 2 mistakes will get my character well and truly destroyed by a massive wyvern a lot more.

It's the challenge I play that game for. Not the gathering part.

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My class is achiever
My sub-class is achiever-seeker.
You like collecting anything you can collect, and doing everything you possibly can.

Your behaviour works towards the satisfaction of completing tasks and collections, and the intense reward of overcoming impossibly distant goals – about which you can become obsessive.

Your major brain region is the nucleus accumbens, the “pleasure centre”, which is triggered whenever you collect something or complete a task – the bigger the achievement, the bigger the reward!

Your chemical messenger is dopamine, which is chemically similar to cocaine, and which has been linked to good habit formation and obsessive behaviour.

If you were an animal, it would be a beaver.

Favourite games of Achievers surveyed so far include Final Fantasy, Mario, Monopoly, Monster Hunter, Pokémon, and World of Warcraft.

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