Am I the only one who thinks that these would look really nice as cloth badges or something?

John: we are looking into merchandise. Cloth badges might be too expensive, but we think we can make BrainHex T-shirts.

Thanks for the suggestion!

T-Shirts or stuff like that would be awesome, but just the simbols, no words -Perhaps a small BrainHex somewhere-

I really love this idea of defining gameplay styles as more than just Hardcore and Casual (and/or "Midcore"), and I hope it catches on. I have a few suggestions, though, for ways to get the quiz to spread further and more quickly (and thus bringing in more data to improve the quiz).

1) If the results page also generated HTML code for people to post to their blog (rather than having to do it all manually themselves, which might stop as many people from posting it), it'd be much more likely to spread as a meme.

2) If the results page also generated a banner graphic (that included not only the icon, but also the Class, Subclass, and Exception, with a short summary of each) that people could put in their signature on forums, you'd see this quiz virally spreading to every videogame forum in existence through sigs. Please, please do this (because I want to put one in my sig at a few forums!)

facebook sharing option please

Why not crowdfund the merchandise? Would serve as dual purpose. Don't have to worry about capital for merch, and drive more people to the site.

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