you guys should make a test on Facebook, so I can post it on my page. :)

Vince: thanks for the suggestion! I'll look at extending the test to Facebook, but we're short of programming staff so it might take a while.

Best wishes!

if you do make it postable on face book maybe make such a thing for myspace as well, though I already intend to post my results on my profile. this thing is awesome.

you guys should definitely put this test on facebook.
I'd love to post it on my page/profile

Dear all,

We are looking into a Facebook app - but right now we lack the resources to make it happen. This might be something that we could do in early 2010, so watch this space!

Thanks for sharing your views!

I'll look forward to it!

a facebook app would be AWSOME!!! great idea!

I could help you with Facebook app :)

I get error 404 when I click on the BrainHex survey link:


have a day.yad

Jonathan: Thanks for letting us know about this fault! We'll check into it and see what the problem is.

This is a great test! I enjoyed taking it, and agree with all of the results I've seen so far for myself and for people I've sent it to who've taken it.

I've got an odd notion to come up with ways to use this in RPG games that I run for character development, if that sort of thing is ok?

Again, great test and site!

" in the case of other academic research projects we would usually request a name credit on any resulting paper."

I assume you mean a citation; as giving authorship for the use of an already developed scale is a major violation of publication ethics.

I know this blog has not been running for a while, but I am very interested in the scale and would like to use it in China. I am willing to make a small post on Wechat and help make it viral. Let me know if it is ok to share the details with me.

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