demon's souls should be listed as the conquerer's game hands down.

This is so fuckin accurate. Loved it

No. Totally no. It's not me and it is not my gaming behaviour.

LOL! Not very accurate, in this case. Neither "struggling until you eventually achieve victory, and beating other players" part or favourite games list is right about me. MY example games were : Myst 4, World of Goo, Hazard - The Journey of Life. I'd say, pretty opposite.
Although second class - socializer, and some of games listed there - seem to be nearly truth.
After I've read through all the classes, looks like I'm more like socializer/daredevil/mastermind. IMHO.
Anyways, great thing about this is the fact that surveys, tests and researches like this exists and evolves. Cheers!

J40oLo ptvlnqyyhijh, [url=]ghobhzmpzrjt[/url], [link=]voidulojcuts[/link],

The test was spot on to me. I'm amazed how well the results have described me!

I dont like call of duty, starcraft, halo..

And yes battlefield bc2, warhammer 40k, left 4 dead 2..

The part about channeling anger in order to achieve victory is quite correct, but I dislike most of the games mentioned. I'd rather see myself as more of a Mastermind, especially seeing how favorite games out there are closer to my tastes.

I guess it's just me, but I really see more conquering in games like Civilization rather than CoD.

Call of Duty, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Metroid, StarCraft, and Super Smash Bros aren't my favorite games...

Only games i liked off that list are Smash Bros and Metroid. And still, almost EVERYONE likes tnhose games unless they have something against that specific genre.

Why did the survey say I'm a conquerer while I hate call of duty and halo?

I'd be a panda-shark I guess?

fuck yeah eat it, eat it DIE DIE!!!

I like griefing ppl in mmorpgs killing their toons till they cry, if there is a fierce death penalty the better :) Conqueror-seeker ftw
Not into cod or halo though, much more into quake and unreal tournament.


The only game I play and like among the list is Starcraft. Oh well, at least I'm a shark.

I think an important fact that everyone's overlooking is that the Favorite Games is SURVEYED; from that, I can gather that everyone who took this test and was a Conqueror entered those results the most. In that sense, it's not so much of a game that defines Conquerors as it is a game that most people like in general.

From the game list, the only one I really like is Metroid. Cod, Halo and Ssb being definitely hated. Both Mgs and Sc are mid-terms, I do enjoy playing them, but it's not my favourite kind of game.

But then again, my subtype is Mastermind, it might influence on game preference.

I completely agree except for the selection of games. I mostly like MMORPG, but I'm a pvper.

You assigned Metroid to this?
Not Seeker? Not Survivor?

Sigh... shows how much the franchise has degraded over the last few years if people line it up with Halo and Call of Duty...

Chuck Norris is nothing compared to me!! IN YOUR FACE FISHIES!

Those all my fucking fave games. How the fuck do these guys figure it out so accurate?

Btw, I'm a shark so I'll bite yo ass off....

Apparently I am a cross between an octopus and a shark. This was an almost totally correct quiz but I am surprised it scored me in seeker so low.

I'm a girl gamer, got this as my top score. Mostly play MMOs. Games listed were FFXI, Super Smash Bros, and League of Legends.

I am a monster? Damn...

So I got this then the next 3 scores were tied for Socialiser, Seeker and Mastermind.

That to me says "I want to take over the world by manipulating people"

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