I act like this, but the games listed here are not my favorites for those reasons.
I play for the experience, the experience of achievement.
Playing Left 4 Dead, Tank is coming, only survivor, take that adrenaline shot, resurrect a fallen ally, and lure the tank away... then team-strike-back! Hell yeah!

Taking the lead in CoD, then it's a tie again, co-ordinating with your buddy to take the winning point- and bang, right in your face sucker!

I just jump, roar, congratulate the efforts of my team mates. I love leading teams, I love winning with good team-work and leadership.

Except for Smash Brothers. Hey, what you doing little fela? Trying to return to the field? Oh ok, I don't mind. Come here, fight like a man, cause' I'm going to rocket you right out of the screen!

In other words... I like conquering other people, hell yeah. And if there is team-work involved, and I'm the leader... I'm all for it. No man left behind, no enemy still alive. F**K YES! ROAR!

We cannot be defeated!

I strongly dislike games like CoD.. But yeah, I am pretty much an hybrid between Conqurer and Mastermind (only 1 point in between or something) what does that mean? I would like more explaination about the sub cathegories as they strongly affect it for me as I am far closer to the masterminds co-cathegory than the Conqurers (I am -4 at socialise). I would be really thankful for a proper answer. Btw: My top genres are RPG and Adventure... But yeah, everything that's truly challenging is my thing, so the conqurer fits in very well there.

While i'm not entirely agree with games like Halo or CoD, i'm agree with the description of the conqueror gamer which is pretty similar to what i am, there is nothing else like defeating a stronger foe in a fighting game, that's why i enjoy so much games like Street Fighter or King of Fighters and the occasional Star Craft too.

I am not a shark, but I realize the world needs this type of humans.

Your BrainHex Class is Conqueror.
Your BrainHex Sub-Class is Conqueror-Mastermind.

You like defeating impossibly difficult foes, struggling until you eventually achieve victory, and beating other players as well as solving puzzles and devising strategies.

Each BrainHex Class also has an Exception, which describes what you dislike about playing games. Your Exceptions are:

» No Fear: You do not enjoy feeling afraid, preferring to feel safe or in control.

Your scores for each of the classes in this test were as follows:

Conqueror: 17
Mastermind: 16
Achiever: 14
Socialiser: 11
Seeker: 7
Daredevil: 5
Survivor: -4

Pretty damn accurate. I would love starcraft but I feel I would get addicted to it and it would become all consuming to me so I stay away from that game. That being said, I have put in hundreds if not thousands of hours into the Final Fantasy series and I believe other conqueror masterminds have as well.

I also have something to say for my exeption and I would like to know if others with this exception feel the same way: I was NO Fear, but just as much as I hate being afraid, I do not get afraid very easily; more like I can't remember the last time I actually was afraid. The thinking behind this is that I believe there is almost always a way out of a bad situation if you stop and think about it logically. There is also something to be said for controling yourself and not panicing. Even in the worst case scenarios, you can not panic by accepting what is happening at the moment; granted this can become very difficult when there is pain involved (depending on your sevarity threshold) but it is possible to remain calm under extreme circumstances. Anyways I am starting to ramble and I will stop before I go too far (hopefully). I should also add that I meanst absolutley no disrespect the those who do have the Survivor and/or Daredevil traits and can see how the feeling of surviving a fearfull or thrill seeking experience can be enjoyable.

pretty much on point.

Yes, I like defeating impossibly difficult foes - I listed Monster Hunter for this. My behaviour being forceful however.. I've not once been angry at a person in my life. I don't shout at people, I don't get angry easily. If I indeed would be a shark, I'd be swimming in an ocean of pure patience. That's how I beat those difficult foes - I keep at it and don't lose my temper.

I haven't played -any- of the listed games, except for Starcraft and Super Smash Bros (but I don't actually own the game. I played that at friends) - I've played mainly Starcraft, Final Fantasy X, Monster Hunter and World of Warcraft.

On the games I put "Super Meat Boy, Braid and Portal".
So I got an Conqueror-Daredevil, so...
Yeah, that's right XD

Well, this explains why I screamed at the top of my lungs in victory when I beat Plantera on Terraria.

"You channel your anger to achieve success"? Heck no! Challenge isn't angering, challenge is *fun*. I can be getting my ass destroyed three ways to Sunday and giggling like an idiot to myself while trying to find a way to break this specific boss, as long as it feels fair.

That's the entire fun of games like Super Meat Boy!

I cannot be defeated.



I felt vaguely offended to describe me with 'no mercy'. You staggering plods, have you ever actually attempted to work with strangers over the internet? Half the time they're trolls, the rest of the time just moronse. So, no. Also Meyers-briggs, meyers-briggs, meyers-briggs. Gosh-o-gosh-o-gosh.


I think I only got this because the only game I like is tank io. where you do team activities as tanks that involve killing other tanks


so pretty accurate

(i got conquerer-daredevil)

yeah man

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