The game list is good, but I'm surprised that there isn't a single fighting game in that list.
in b4 Smash Brothers is a fighting game.

Starcraft works, due to the knowledge part of the game becoming automatic, and a key factor in success being how fast you execute whatever you do.

sounds like me... I really dont like some of the games it listed as example games... but eh



This is really interesting, because I'm also classified as a Conqueror-Mastermind and don't fit many parts of the Conqueror profile. The only games on that list which I really like are Metroid and Starcraft - the rest I would rate as "meh" in terms of personal enjoyment.

I find that when I "channel my anger" I play badly - much better to sit down, close my eyes for a moment and relax, and then act in a calculated manner.

"- "I disagree with the Starcraft selection for this class. SC requires far too much methodical preplanning to be anywhere but in the Mastermind class."
Comment shows a distinct lack of understanding of competitive Starcraft :("

And both seems to fail to understand that the list of games was typed by the users ("FAVOURITE games of Conquerors SURVEYED so far INCLUDED"). Its not an assumption, its a fact :) But its ok, I had to read twice to really get it XD Strange...

I got mastermind with conqueror as my second, but I don't really identify with any of the conqueror qualities. I think the way conqueror related questions are phrased leads masterminds to score high in this type; we get a great deal of gratification from besting a challenge or challenger, but only because that is the payoff for all our planning. Just a thought on why these two classes seem highly correlated, and maybe why StarCraft showed up in this category.

Once again: the list of games here are those games which appear in the favourite games lists of the people who have already taken the test. You may think that Starcraft belongs in Mastermind, and you may be right, but nonetheless people who are testing Conqueror are listing Starcraft as a favourite.

I will be recompiling the data next month... we can see what happens to the favourite games list then. :)

Thanks for commenting!

Omg so damn true

i think that you should possibly take into consideration the mighty graft put into rpg's on hard. it seems quite a few people (like me) were placed into this catergory because we like difficult rpgs.

I'm a shark kk
Although I knew that already, 'cause playing poker and Brood War is not for n00bs zizi y0

Good stuff
I'd love to hear more about the response of your brain.. So what happens?
-To a socializer when his trust is broken or the one he trusts fails in rescueing him or something..
-If a conquerer loses his big challenge or loses to a "noob".
-If the achiever gets banned or hacked and loses all his precious belongings and has to start over.
-The mastermind gets outsmarted?
-When the survivor is so close and then dies.

I'm just very excited about the way u people research this and I can't wait to let my friends know..
I'd only get this through a forum so I'm lucky to find it.. Really u guys should do alot more internet-advertising I personally think all gamers will enjoy this..

I dunno where to post sorry.

A socializer-Conquer....
That means im a dolphin/Shark??

Very accurate... I find myself putting life on hold when I get to a tough last boss or seemingly impossible challenge. Giving up or taking a break is not an option.

copnqurer seeker apparently i liek to find things to kill i think mayb

Favourite games of Conquerors surveyed so far include Call of Duty, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Metroid, StarCraft, and Super Smash Bros.

I hate all these games! I stay away from FPS and RTS games. Something is wrong here...

I agree with starcraft being in this category, because I personally play starcraft for one reason, to win. Not just 'win' in the common sense of the word, but to utterly decimate the opponents, to make them not want to play starcraft anymore. Ever.

This is me, but NOT the games I play. I hate those games. But they are only examples of the genre, I guess.

Kickin ass and takin names.
Thats what i do.

So as a mastermind-conquerer I am pretty much Sharktopus?

This sounds like me, except the favorite games.
I like MGS and SSB, but they're not some of my favorite games. Metroid, however, is. The rest I either don't like or haven't played.

The three games I picked were Oblivion, Mass Effect, and Army of Two (A little out of place in that list, but I recently played it and loved it).


Amazing, I love all the games listed here. This was more accurate than I originally thought, I'm surprised.

I don't really care for any of the games listed here. I find most multiplayer video games to be stupid unless they have co-op. Generally I like video games with really hard foes and challenges. I also like board and card games where the other players give me a good challenge.

I don't find that the above description fits me except for, "You like defeating impossibly difficult foes, struggling until you eventually achieve victory". This part fits me exactly. Everything else is off.

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