The recommended games sucks, why don't you show me some Vagrant Story, Zelda: OoT or Twisted Metal 4? Altought I played COD and it was fine, and I think SotC is okay too.

This test was spot on for me as a dare devil - I don't exactly love a high pace game such as Quake, call of duty or half life death match, yet love UT04, mass effect (2) and Half Life 2 single player. I think this helps demonstrate that certain preference and players types derive different tactics in the game, regardless of game type. For example, some like to power and buff up before charging in, while others specifically hone their skills and exploit their enemies exclusively.
Ironically, as a dare devil, my totemic symbol is an eagle, just as it is for my avatar (every day life).
Keep up the good work. I personally wouldn't mind a few more questions in there, so keep it going.

I got Daredevil-Socialiser and I have to say, they fit me well. I love the sense of speed and thrill in Forza Motorsport and Sonic, but at the same time, my friends keep me motivated to try harder to overcome them, and since I'm an only child, my friends keep me from being lonely! Good show!

I got "Seeker-Daredevil" and while the "Seeker" part is 100% spot on, the "Daredevil" isn't.
I don't really like any of those games listed under "favourites".

What I think I did is misinterpret the "high speed while in control" question/s.
I was thinking of stuff like being in control in a timed event, opposed to just watching a cutscenes. -Being more involved in the story, in other words. My first associations was the scene where your ship is getting boarded while you're still in control of a character in Mass Effect 2, or the high-speed chase, also in Mass Effect 2 (DLC).. stuff like that.

Very interesting test, seems very accurate and the descriptions meet the criteria! I ended up with Dare Devil - Mastermind, and the games I wrote down (All FPS.. Just a phase; BFBC2, MW2 and Halo) . On the multiplayer side of things I fit as daredevil from my play style which I constantly treat as a reflexes test: (Attempting superfast sniping, other quick reflex feats etc. Striving to be out of the ordinary). Meanwhile on the mastermind side of things, it listed ace combat and the legend of Zelda! I'm a huge Zelda fan, probably clocked that N64 game 50 times over, it was great. Ace combat too, Ive lived through the first four before getting into shooters. (Theres still alot of problem solving in bfbc2 rush games too though). Adrenaline based problem solving, spot on. I was even happy with the animals, eagle and octopus lol ;) Very interesting results thankyou!

I managed the delightful combination of Daredevil-Socialiser and I have to say it fits rather well. (Socialiser-Daredevil may have also fit, depends on my mood, I would say.)

Mass Effect 2 (love the characters and playing Vanguard to charge + shotgun YMIRs = my favorite class)
Lineage II (teamwork, high-speed pvp, pulling off crazy stunts with my healer)
Hearts (card games rock; tactical, social, and pulling off a shoot-the-moon makes you feel like a badass every time)

This test wasn't too shabby. I've only played Mario Kart from the Daredevil list and most of the ones from the Socialiser list, so not too far off-base. I had trouble with the final question because none of those options really seemed the absolute worst to me; they were all things I enjoy.

Hell, I'm just easily amused, what can I say.

My favorite games are Final Fantasy 7, Perfect Dark, and Resident Evil 4. I don't think this test is very accurate. The primary problem with how the combat questions are construed is that they keep asking you if you enjoy facing a difficult opponent. They do not ask if you enjoy leveling up until you are much more powerful than your opponents and beating them with your superior power...which would be a form of defeating a weaker opponent. I hate platformers, and I hate navigating environmental obstacles. I also prefer to be very cautious.

Why wouldn't you put a real racing game instead of something like "Mario Kart"? And as far as Adrenaline FPS games you could branch out more than Call of Duty. Quake, Tribes, and Unreal Tournament are all way more adrenaline inducing then Call of Duty ever was.

First off I want start by saying that I found your test in terms in play style very accurate. I ended up achieving daredevil as my primary and daredevil-seeker as my subclass. True to the test results I absolutely love going fast but stay in control, and there almost nothing funner then discovering something new (I always did have an explorers itch, it's gotten me killed many a times :), that being said i find the question relating to survivor a bit mis leading - i hate being scared, but I don't mind escaping tough oponnets at all.

Otherwise this is something I wonder very much about is how the games are judged. For example I enjoy skyrim which has loads of exploration, but its not my favorite. That title falls to monster hunter freedom unite, but it is listed as achiever the category I scored the lowest in, so out of curosity how DO you categorize games and determine where they end up?

My quiz information is as followed
Class daredevil
Subclass daredevil-seeker

Daredevil 19
Seeker 18
Conqueror 16
Socialiser 12
Mastermind 7
Survivor 6
Achiever 5

Favorite games ( what I put into the quiz) monster hunter freedom unite, skyrim, journey
Hope to hear back from you

Im guessing this eludes just to game types we enjoy because even though I dont like heights I have been Sky diving paragliding rock climbing with no gear and walked pretty high cliffs and ancient walls with no safety gear. I am afraid of drowning but I love scuba diving and I would live in the water if I could.

Eh, kinda interesting test but some distance off the mark for me. I was particularly indifferent to the last set of questions and registered a pretty much Meh rating to all - so listing them 1 - 7 is just about impossible. None of them are the reason I play games.

I do get the feeling these tests are akin to Tarot readings - not psychic, but a little bit of the human condition in all the answers, people find the answers they provide themselves - or in rare cases don't.

Conqueror: 19
Socialiser: 14
Daredevil: 11
Achiever: 11
Mastermind: 10
Survivor: 6
Seeker: 6
Yea, this is pretty accurate.

I got Daredevil-Mastermind, an odd mix.

My game taste tends to polarize along three axes: racing games, shooters, and strategy or roleplaying.

Unreal Tournament

are my top two game choices. I am split between Mass Effect and Company of Heroes which I enjoy for different reasons. But even though there is an RPG focus in Mass Effect, I enjoy the later games particularly for their highly customizable combat even though they were lighter on RPG elements. So I feel like it's not strongly representative of a skew towards Socializer-Achiever tendencies.

I think the Daredevil examples are currently bereft of racing games, which is odd considering the strong speed connotation implicit in the class. But otherwise I think the match to my gaming taste is apt. It would also imply a conflation with the Conqueror type which is represented by your system with both the accumbens (double-circle) in play as well as the amygdala (left-diamond). I don't do a lot of competitive play, even though I probably could.

I got daredevil-conqueror, pretty accurate, I must say.

yeah man

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