your questions that identify a mastermind seem to only focus on puzzle solving rather than efficiency. I was labeled a socializer-daredevil rather than a socializer-mastermind because all of your puzzle solving questions reminded me of trial-and-error puzzle challenge games rather than the RTS games that i love. RTS players are certainly masterminds by your definition, but they arent about solving a puzzle, but rather about most efficiently playing a game of chess against your opponent. I believe my responses seemed to indicate daredevil because i get the adrenaline rush not from platformers(which I loathe) but from competitive real time strategy games. If you add some more questions about efficiency and multitasking you will probably more accurately discover your masterminds : ) I have always defined myself as a multiplayer multitasker. You got social right as my main class though!

I like the description of my class, as I feel it does match me in some ways.

However the favourite games that were listed for the Mastermind Class, some are very good games but not what I would I call my favourites by any means.

Marley: yes, I take your point here. We've been looking at questions of efficiency in play, and in one of the old models the efficiency related both to Strategic play (which corresponds to Mastermind) and to Logistical play (which doesn't). Because of this uncertainty, we didn't use this as the basis of the questions in this player test.

I think efficiency issues *are* examples of problem solving though - just a very specific form. :)

When we do the second version of the BrainHex player test, we may well take into account this issue.

Thanks for raising it!

Chrono Trigger.... the best game of all time. ;_;

I saw someone mention soundtracks. That definitely applies to me-- music is a huge reason why I personally play games. I've sometimes tried a game based on a couple of tracks I've heard. I figure if I like the music, I'll like the game. :3

Also, I'd imagine battle strategy games like FFTactics, Disgaea, and Ogre Battle would be popular... Maybe even SaGa Frontier and the Mana series.

Neat quiz!

One of the questions on this survey bothered me - "Playing in a group, online or in the same room."

I feel like playing in the same room with someone is significantly different from playing online with strangers, and provides a very different experience. I hate to play online, but am always begging my room mates to come play Little Big World or Mario Kart with me. There's also a huge difference between cooperative and competitive multiplayer, when it comes to gaming types. I don't like competing against real people outside a silly racer like Mario Kart, but I like teaming up with my friends.

I wouldn't have commented if one of my Exceptions hadn't been that I show no mercy and don't care about other people's feelings - I don't even play competitive games, so that struck me as off.

I find it interesting that Animal Crossing is listed here rather than under Socializer. Perhaps virtual personalities, like Animal Crossing characters or Sims, tend to be treated like pieces in a puzzle rather than human beings?

Equal score of 18 Mastermind and 18 Seeker.

I am Octo-Cat! Destroyer of worlds! Devourer of fish! Wielding my furry tentancles and clawing my way towards your laser pointers!

Relinquish your furry balls of yarn mere mortals or face my inevitable yet adorable eight legged wrath!!

(Conqueror was 3rd highest, ;) )


This test has to have gotten something right as Chrono Trigger is my absolute favorite video game. Granted, I did input that in the test but it is encouraging that a "class" of like-minded individuals tend to be fans of that game.

Not sure if I'd want to be an octopus but other than that, the classification was pretty accurate.

I can't let you do that!

Just kidding. Interesting survey. I love puzzles and rethinking strategies until I have a perfect plan of action and undefeatableness so this class would be great for me. ALTHOUGH I still enjoy silly jump'n'runs and arcade racing games from time to time.

I came out as a Mastermind/Conqueror, and while I enjoyed Chrono Trigger, I listed Disgaea, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, and Demon's Souls as my favorites. The test didn't tell me much that I didn't already know; I've known for years that I usually don't enjoy playing with other people, and that I have a serious victory jones. :)

Yay, this is exactly what i was hoping for ^_^
Every one who get this should play portal and portal 2 (when it comes out)
best game/s ever!!

I am a Mastermind-Conqueror, fear the shark-topus.

I just like to solve puzzles :)

good result, almost surely defined my interests, and was wondering about the features of this class

I like your test. Although Mastermind was second place to dare devil for me, its amusing how I've adopted this class compared to other traditional methods. It seems most people enjoy puzzle games, chess and RPGs that take a fair bit of dedication and attention. I don't have that attention span, and don't enjoy obvious puzzles. E.g , (minesweeper being the only exception) I love puzzles that are sub-objectives to a task like disarming a correct sequence of bombs to prevent oncoming doom, yet find no interest in straight forward puzzles like mahjong and solitare. For me mastermind comes more into play with internal game strategy, knowing when to advance, retreat, hold posistion, assist team mates, go for the objective or when to provide cover for someone better equipped for close combat. Good decisions save respawning, saves time and saves points while preserving kill death ratios. Key word "Efficiency" , so really you guys have it pretty close! Zelda yes, the other exmpls, no. While my main strength in gaming is speed (represented by daredevil in these results) , mastermind fits like the other half of the key to turn the lock. Coincidentally daredevils animal was an eagle, my fav animal and lifelong avatar, also aviation being a major infulence. ;P I think you guys could do with more questions providing more accurate extremes, and maybe less focus on 'bosses' Vs more focus on objective? ( Objective being a more generic word?). I appreciated the detail to explanation of each class including the different nervous systems of the brain, it made this very worthwhile. Thanks!

I guess it was somewhat close.
I do like puzzle games and such, like Layton or games like Fire Emblem, which is kind of a planning game.
But I've never have a strategy when fighting bosses or beating another player. There, I'm more luck dependent, and don't really have a set strategy to beat them. (Well, run and flee, but yeah.)
And I can't solve Rubix Cubes.

I like this quiz. It portrays my gaming personality perfectly (Mastermind-Achiever). A prime example: Ace Combat Joint Assault. It's one of the few Ace Combat games that is actually difficult to master (as in S ranks on every mission). It took some time, but I've found strategies to S every mission, and if I had time, I'd list those strategies I use. Not only have I S ranked everything, but I also unlocked everything. From planes, weapons, and parts, to colors and emblems, everything is in my possession. I recommend this test to any gamers I know.

I wanna play a game of DnD with every one of these archetypes. Because every last one seems interesting.

Especially the Mastermind.

The result was totally me... Can't even complain about the animals, since I technically like them all - I just like Polar animals better than others. Though only two of the games I like best are listed in Seeker-Mastermind classes :P

Some mastermind: You should know that tobacco doesn't contain cocaine - it contains nicotine. They are about as far from each other as alcohol and sugar.

Oh, port this to FB, lol!

I'm not very much one for puzzle games, but more for the story-based ones where I need to make decisions to decide the outcome of the story. To be honest, I was a bit surprised about getting Mastermind, since I usually just enjoy the story and graphics of games.

yes, i love cocaine!

Everything is correct. I like that - THX

I think your Test is missing the distinction in between co-op multiplayer (working together) and versus multiplayer (competitiveness).

I've no idea what the hell they're implying about dopamine and habit formation with relation to cocaine but I have very few habits and don't cling to hardly anything ever. Also everyone uses dopamine in their brain. Putting the animal thing in was both stupid (since humans are already animals) and makes the test sound like pseudoscience woo-woo. Out of all the games on the list recommended to me, I only partially liked Zelda. The rest are either boring or I hate them. It should've just stuck to the obvious stuff which I already knew.

This test was pretty accurate, im a Mastermind/survivor(but i feel more like a Mastermind/conqueror) I really love to do things without help. In WoW i usually try to take elite mobs down on my own rather than joining a group. The intresting thing is that survivor tied with conqueror as second class, but somehow survivor was chosen.

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