Meow... the description's pretty accurate.

Yup, the test is very acucurate too.

Meow... ...w8, I HATE CATS!

It's good, but I hate Zelda, and my two top types (This and Mastermind) say I should love it.


The rank between 1-7 phase that associates the Seeker type with (I think) "seeing something beautiful" could use a "finding a secret" alternative, since the seeker is curious and not necessarily only interested in pretty stuff or breath-taking scenery.

I put 'seeing something beautifull' at 7 because of a moment I had in Assasins Creed, when I rode on my horse towards a medievil city (dont remember its name, Damascus?),
came around a rock on my approach to the city and then i just had to get of my horse to look at the city. It was just amazing. I just stood there for a few minutes enjoying the view. Never really done that before in a game.

I really hate cats. But I quite agree with my results.

Meow! ^^

I love cats and this is totally me! I love exploring around on games, finding little hidden secrets... I don't even care if its just a random neat thing in the game, or if its some important amazing item. And I LOVE games that have great graphics or big worlds to explore, or both!

Pretty much me to a T; I had to laugh because Shadow of the Colossus was one of the few games I've played that floored me from start to finish.

Memory is a attribute? Possible but I gotta tell ya my short term memory is so poor I can't remember what someone told me a day ago.

Very spot on, and I love cats. They even got the games right.

This test was scarily accurate... since i love each game mentioned.

Shadow of the colossus was the only game to date that kept me awed at each monster. i mean it was beautifully executed... i actually stopped to watch some of them, like the lake serpent...

good times good times...

Michael: just because other Seekers like a game doesn't mean you have to. :)

Well, I*m a dog person to the core, can't stand cats. But I'm ESAK in bartle, which goes very well with this one.

Nice test and stats!

C out

Eh, I don't care much for cats, but that test is amazingly accurate. One of the 3 faves I listed was, of course, Shadow of the Colossus.
I'm going to keep an eye on this study...

Spelunky is a great game for Seekers (randomly generated levels) and Survivors (permadeath means everything is risky). It is the anti-game for Achievers (which I scored the lowest in), because trying to grab every little piece of treasure will just get you killed.

Definitely me. I found the dot & secret room in the 2600 Adventure, not knowing they were there in advance. Played almost all of Infocom games obsessively, hundreds of hours, until winning them. Mapped with graph paper and pencil every dungeon, every city and country in the SSI gold-box games, Might & Magic, Wizardry, Ultima. I don't play modern RPGs anymore, but every time a new Zelda comes out, I buy it immediately (and the platform, if I don't have it already) and spend a large amount of time seeking every secret (and trying to reach "unreachable" areas through glitches, etc). Also, I have 3 cats. Yay, cats!

Seems plenty accurate to me, especially on the other page with my exception, telling me I don't like repeating tasks or seemingly impossible challenges.

Since the very first day I laid my hands on a NES controller, I think when I was four or five, I can remember my anger.
Some games made me angrier than others.
Now that I'm older, I'm much more jaded I guess. I've got it under control at least. To be safe, I don't play game genres I've always hated, like sports, racing, fighting.. though it does tend to flare up even in genres I enjoy. What can I say?
At least I've long stopped destroying stuff. :|

Thanks for the quiz, folks.

I still await my perfect game, one that fits in with my true gaming desires.

Elder Scrolls, Zelda, Okami...yes. This sums me up very well. Shame it was my secondry classification. I really love finding things!

•Gargoyle's Quest
•Legacy of the Wizard
•Sweet Home
•Yume Nikki
•Clock Tower
•Vagrant Story
•Final Fantasy Tactics

Hm. My exception was:
» No Mercy: You rarely if ever care about hurting other players' feelings - mercy is for the weak!

And this is totally inaccurate. My social skills are terrible and so I decidedly avoid playing with other people because I would HATE it if I hurt them or ruined their gaming experience (or if they would do that to me).

Uh, alright.

and, "meow" ? Stop it, that's very silly.

I think V makes a good point, people with low Socialiser scores may be more likely to be nervous or apprehensive about play with others, and avoid multiplayer games for that reason, than they are to be unconcerned about other players' feelings or experiences. Just my opinion on that.

I hate cats :(

Meow. Seems pretty acurate, but I don't like the LoZ series.

Just because I like Final Fantasy VII... >_<; ... I mean... It's very accurate. xD! Nicely done, BrainHex... nicely done.

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