lol, my nickname is meow XD and it's accurate enough for me, i love elder scrolls

None of the games listed interest me in the least. I went and checked them out after taking the survey. They're not my thing at all. Leave me cold.

I like cats a lot, so that's something.


Survivor-Seeker... I want something that will tear my enemy's body in half!

I am new at gaming and hope to stimulate my nucleus accunbens soon.

i bloody hate cats...

heel Lifts for men and women are sold in all sizes and in a wide range of heights
shoe lifts

So what exactly are shoe lifts? I hear you ask
shoe lifts

heel Lifts are little and very discreet

Very accurate. Congratulations. My favorite game series of all is The Legend of Zelda, and my favorite kind of game are RPGs. Also, my favorite animal are felines in general. Nice job!

shadow of the collossus bestest game in da world

"You like finding strange and wonderful things, or finding familiar things.

Your behaviour often shows curiosity, sustained interest, and a love of stimulating your senses."

I could not describe me best.

You know, I hate Final Fantasy, but under my dual-type thing it's under the list of games on both. Weird. Other than that I mostly agree.

Cats are solitary or very picky about what other cats they like, so these comments don't surprise me (-:

Favourite games of Seekers surveyed so far include Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Grim Fandango, Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, and Zelda .

Nop, I only tried Elder scrolls and zelda out of the list.
Hated the first, and the other one was meh.

Result is really not accurate, except the part where I had the same cat as my profile picture on skype for the past 7 years or so.

Sounds pretty accurate but I don't like cats.

I love seeing or exploring the background of Grand Theft Auto Five or War thunder and with the new Battlefield One based on World War One looks pretty sweet I can not stop talking about until I get it for myself on the PS4


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