Dudes, I don't think it's saying that liking or hating cats has anything to do with it; it's saying that we are similar to cats in that we are very curious and like to explore. Cats are seekers. At least all of mine have been.

Well, mostly true, I guess.. but I hate all the games listed as Favourite Games Of Seekers (except for Grim Fandango). I like visually- and sound- immersive games with full atmosphere but... the games like Zelda and Elder Scrolls and such seem to me too boring, long, unlogical and... well.. somewhat like a swamp. The games of my preferance I've denoted in the test were MOO2, Unreal Tournament and Starcraft. I better see the beauty of discoverings (visuals, tactics, strategy, story) in these that in long rpg's (although I like Fallout a lot because of the atmosphere). There is also a bunch of other games of all kinds I like. Well.. really.. usually I like game ideas more than games themselves. Also I like TRPGs and text games much.

I'm not sure if you want to know this, but what is true is that I really like opium. I've been admitting spasmo-proxyvon for some time and tried heroine, morphine and codeine. Trully I like these MUCH. Also I like LSD, extasy and PCP (all are paradise for seekers). I think you should be more specific on these things also since the core of the thrill is the same as in games... just chemistry in the brain pleasure centres.

Thank you guys.

Getting Altair's armor in Assassins Creed II is a perfect example of why I was categorized as this. I loved finding the secret passages, and loved getting to the tombs twice as much. I mean, having to do all of those things to get to someone's tomb, it's amazing how well they were hidden! Loved it.

I would say this thing was pretty accurate.

Very accurate! :D

Wow.I love Okami, Zelda, and Final Fantasy. And cats.

I have two dogs. I hate cats. Otherwise spot on.

Fine. Meow. Where's Monkey Island and Starsiege Tribes>

Meow. I always thought i was a dog person. I like none of the games it suggests. I think the reason is I put a seven in seeing something beautiful. when playing a game sometimes I see a grass field or a little waterfall/cave area and I think "wow i could just lie there for hours and do nothing."


I LUVED OKAMI, OMGZ! It's make me remember of this wonderfull world of Okami, the sidequests and'all...

Sounds like me, yeah! Although strangely enough, I can't stand Elder Scrolls... ^_^;

I act like a cat ALL THE TIME. And am currently playing Morrowind (Bethesda is my favourite company). This test is amazing. Go Hobo!

Oblivion sucked ass.

I got Seeker and sub-class Seeker-Conquerer, but I haven't played any of those RPGs (except for FF 7, but got bored after some time).
I don't know if this got what I really appreciate, because what I like the most is misterious histories with hard action. Prince of Persia, Half Life and Bioshock are excelent exemples of this.

Now this was quite accurate.

I hate final fantasy! :(

I felt my test results were fairly accurate, but I was expecting to get a higher score in this class than I ultimately did, since I do enjoy discovering new things. However, I think the reason I got a relatively low score here is because, although I do enjoy the process of discovery, I don't generally experience this while exploring the physical game world. I'm not really a visually-oriented person.

It could be that this class is intended to be limited to enjoyment of physical exploration, and that's fine if it is. Just in case it's not, though, I would like to point out that there are ways of exploring that don't involve just walking around. You can pursue sidequests to learn more about the characters. You can read in-game texts to learn more about the world. I've seen my fair share of stories from gamers who make it a point to ignore the game's objectives and mess around with the game mechanics, just to see what the results will be. That's what sandbox gaming is all about.

I'm assuming that the part of the test asking for your level of enjoyment in "Looking around just to enjoy the scenery" contributes to your score in this class. Personally, I think you need to be very careful in using this question. If you look at the original Legend of Zelda, it's hard to call the scenery "enjoyable", particularly by today's standards; however, it's an open-ended world filled with tons of secrets hidden in various nooks and crannies, so it seems like the kind of game that would appeal to this class anyway. In a test where most of the questions involve aspects of gameplay, including one that's dependent on the quality of the game's aesthetics just seems out of place, unless there's equivalent questions for each of the other classes.

These are just some things to take into consideration, I think the test is pretty interesting overall. I'm looking forward to seeing the additional research you guys do.

I hate cats ¬¬"

Zelda is best.

My main class was Survivor. Sub Survivor - Seeker.

I love RPGs and most of all fearsome games (Still i don't have guts to play amnesia the dark descent)... I think the tst was right.

I am a conqueror-seeker and i like cats and final fantasy :)

For me, my class would be a mix of all classes

This test was really awesome, thank you! I am very much the profile you've explained which is just really weird! I think Bayonetta and Half-Life 2 are really good and I seem to waste hours on each game either looking for Lambda locations or Umbran crows! Assassins Creed is an awesome game for this and both Bioshocks. Awesome stuff guys, thank you!

Quite accurate. But I actually hate (really. hate. not 'dislike') elder scrolls, final fantasy, and shadow of the colossus. My primary type (daredevil) also suggested I should like sotc. Incidentally, the reason I hate it so much is that I find it dissappointingly easy, suggesting conqueror behavior sprinkled over the daredevil-seeker.

Intense accurate.
Except for the cat part. And it seems that most of us feel that way. Maybe that's a how a cat would feel. . . ?

Very accurate, interesting study!

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