These are really not any of my favorite games, so I'm a little perplexed. I really don't like Final Fantasy, Pokemon? Sorry, I thought was a kids game...I mean that sincerely, I never thought of it as something adults play with each other. I also really lost interest in WOW after I reached the cap and the game just felt like endless grinding and resource collection. I'm curious why the Civilization series, Warcraft III, Starcraft, and the Heroes of Might and Magic series are not listed here. So either your correlation between myself and "Socialisers" Class is incorrect, or there seem to be a set of games that is excluded/unaddressed. Certainly, the descriptions of the Socialiser is applicable to myself, however so could many of the other class descriptions. So either I'm an anomaly that's simply beyond the standard deviations of your test, or your test is not accurately matching personality with gameplay and game content preferences.

Not a fan of final fantasy. The story is too... emo, shall we say? Rather like Gundam Seed. However, one of my favorite games of all time is Golden Sun, another rpg. Pokemon. I like pokemon, but not because of the socializing aspect. For an older player like me still playing since the original red and blue, there is none. But then I guess it's that conquer class of mine that enjoys the battles and winning with my favorites. I enjoy playing with skilled friends, so maybe it's a trust in their ability to adapt and succeed. Who doesn't like hanging around with friends (trust goes without saying)?

Dungeons and Dragons, and online variants like Neverwinter Nights are my favorites, and a perfect for Socializers. Cooperative board games, like Arkham Horror, fit the bill, too.

Damn aliens, reading my mind. >.>

dkkauwe: the favourite games are averaged across the sample - individual respondents needn't share the same favourite games, and in fact, it's somewhat surprising how often they do! As we gather more data, we will get a clearer perspective on the favourite games and we will update this at some time in the future.

I'm a big fan of both TF2 and L4D. The ability to coordinate and enjoy playing with other people in a group session is very important to me, so I'm not surprised I turned out as a Socialiser.

Also a big fan of Pokemon, both collecting and organizing a team, though not so much the social aspect.

Maybe doesn't draw enough of a distinction between playing with friends (who are awesome people to have fun times with) and playing with strangers (who are cutthroat bastards specifically out to ruin everyone else's good time). Then again, my Socializer score was -2.

Pokémon and FF for Socialisers? I never played or was interested in the first one, but played some older episodes of FF. But both games seems not really fit into the Socialiser class, I guess.

Seconding Mark's criticism. My best play experiences have been in moments of coordination with close acquaintances and friends. Those moments have been horribly outweighed over the years by the intrusions of morons and jerks. On the other hand, many, many games offer good challenges, interesting storylines, and breathtaking aesthetic features. I felt obliged to down-rank empathetic interaction as a gaming experience on page 3 simply because it has been a rare quarry for me; read into that what you will.

Team Fortress 2 is definitely my favorite game, but I never got into WOW, and I lost interest in Pokemon and FF quickly- I suppose I just don't like the turn-based battle systems.

Get rid of Pokemon and Final Fantasy, not in the least socializing material.

MMORPGs and online shooters are generally the type of games that socializers enjoy.

I dislike real life socializing, but online I enjoy it greatly for some reason.

These are only base examples. personal opinion, situations and others opinions have an effect on our hcoice of game.

Haha, this is so cute (:

While I disagree with the games list, otherwise this kind of makes sense. I am a big fan of team based play with friends (online or off) so this kind of makes sense.

I'd probably like TF2, but apart from that the games are way off. I feel similar to dkkauwe.

Haha it fit me pretty well! I'm a socialise-conquerer and thats exaktly what I am. I don't like to play on my own and in that way TF2 to play with Friends over TS/Ventrilo/Mumble is Fun, and having Fun with friends its a main part of beeing a socialiser-gamer.

In that way wow and STOP READING MY BRAIN!

I don't feel like it got me right (socialiser-seeker) Seeker, definitely, but not socialiser. I don't know how much weight the last question results have but I think that's what tipped it. I predominantly play single player games or have no one to play with. This is usually fine and I don't actually seek people out to play with them. I rated "unity with other players" so highly because of it's rarity for me not because it's the main reason I play games(love it when it happens, but it's so rare it doesn't inform my purchase/play decisions as I don't expect it to happen.). Given the options I'd claim myself to be either Survivor or Achiever over socialiser- with seeker being the dominant trait.

Don: as I keep saying elsewhere, the list of favourite games reflects games chosen by people who typed this class. It's not arbitrary - players who type Socialiser like Pokemon and Final Fantasy for whatever reason. I will be updating the favourite games list next month - we'll see if it changes. :)

Jon: you're not the only person to have a skewed result because of the unity question... I would suggest you ignore your Socialiser result and take your third ranked class as your second, and Seeker as your first.

No test is perfect! :) The important thing for us is gathering the player data, and the class results don't affect our statistical analysis, so feel free to "type yourself".

Best wishes!

Socialiser seems a misleading statement - based upon other tests and self-analysis I fit more accurately into the role of a guide/leader. I gain nothing from social interaction without purpose and goal.

I get the feeling Brainhex might be in a fairly immature state. Refinement will only come through experience - don't cite this as a professional test, please. Let time hone and expand the system.

my favourite moments are when you and someone you just met 5 minutes ago somehow click and work together with psychic efficiency. Wait... maybe my favourite moment is just meeting new people I don't already know who turn out to be fun? I don't know @.@

I love my friends, but I really like meeting and playing with strangers; the novelty of new personalities is lots of fun to me and I like an influx of new people rather than just hanging around all day with people I already know :p

This test is not perfect, some question should be modyfied to multipurpose.
System said I am Socialiser-Conqueror. Nice and I can say truth.
I can enjoy playing single, in group and finally via internet.
For single playing I prefer strategy games like Europa Universalism, Heroes of Might & Magic (3.5), Total Annihilation or Tropico.
For group playing I prefer sports games (NBA Live, Fifa, RTL Skijumping), managment ( old CM 2001/2002 or modern Football Manager) or games like Worms (with friends and huge amount of beer or vodka).
But right now I enjoy playing Tribes in polish wersion 'Plemiona'.

My top type. Ironically I used to play team fortress 1, as a demo. My signature was that I would never let more than one pipebomb touch the ground at the same time. No traps, just absolutely pure aggressive infighting. And it worked pretty well, I rarely lost duels against anything, even snipers because I'd just abuse cover, get close and grenpipe them in the face.

But maybe that's also telling, because I would use my understanding of the other player's personality to launch the pipebombs without actually being able to see enemies at all.

I tend to play a lot of RPGs now.

Holy shit this thing just read my fucking mind.

The problem with classifying people by the games they play is that while you may be a highly social person, such as me, you play more solo or mildly team-oriented games. I play counterstrike and killing floor a lot, but I'm definitely a social type.

I think some of the comments may be looking a little too closely to the game lists. These are the most well-known titles, and may not include even the "more well-known" titles. After all, I like Contra (not listed), but I can see how Team Fortress 2 (another multi-player action game -- one I don't like) could relate.

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