You got me.

Yup, that just about describes me; if it weren't for those pesky games, I'd rule the world by now, Nyaaharhar!!!!

I kind of feel that I should have put "Mastermind" in for one of the three games, it would be appropriate as to my BrainHex class and also because I quite enjoy that game.

Man I must be an addict to dopamine then hahaha. being Achiever-Mastermind and all. Maybe i should increase my levels even more so i can solve any puzzle i ever face! >8D

Hmm, the result is quite accurate, but from my experience thing are more complicated than just a few questions like this, still, not a bad thing to take some quiz in a while.

10/10 would quiz again

Can I use the first diagram of the icons for a video about my masterthesis?

Hi Nadine! Yes you can. Go ahead... that usage would in fact be covered by 'fair use' and so wouldn't even need permission.

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